Your life is artificial

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Eyes glancing towards the building where the rest of her prototypes were held, she took a small step towards it before slipping past the security system nimbly. Fingers typed away at the locks, cracking it within a few seconds.

‘Stupid humans.’

Thoughts swirled in her mind before she continued walking, slamming down doors without the bat of an eyelash. It was evident that she had been trained to destroy. Finally – She found what she was looking for — The control panel. Downing the systems with a simple push of a button, the artificial Pokémon tore down cabinets until a small, shiny cube fell into her hands.

She was nothing but synthetic. She needed software to continue to live. Force feeding the cube into her own body, a luminous glow was visible before it slowly dimmed, revealing a shocked member of the facility. The male dropped his clipboard in shock, attracting the attention of the mechanical being. Stepping towards them slowly, she was pleased to see that they didn’t dare move a muscle as nothing but her footsteps echoed in the silence. The door slammed shut, leaving nothing but the two in the room.


Quickening her pace, her claws wrapped around the scientist’s throat.


Tearing open the human with her bare hands, blood dripped off of the normally shiny platinum metal that hung from her mouth. Disassembled body parts spilled on the floor. She single handedly tore open the ribcage, revealing the heart, pulsing violently as it began to lose life. She twitched excitedly, fingers curling around the soft, human muscle, squishing it ever so slightly. With that, her grip tightened on the organ before it exploded from the pressure, nothing else remaining but the delicate lining that used to hold it. The flesh inside spilled on the ground like jelly.


Bending down, she reached for the firm skull lying on the ground. Frowning, she examined it for a few minutes before dislodging it from the neck with a single tear. She cracked it open, slender digits fixing on the slippery brain. It was a strange thing, an unknown prototype. One that not even her now advanced functions could interpret. Upon her success in obtaining the object, her single eye flashed with delight, whilst a cynical smile graced her dark features. Crimson red had been splattered everywhere, the floors, and the walls, even on her clothes and face. Calcium snickered to herself, a low rumbling stirring within the depths of her body. 

A vivid light shone a single time, revealing an innocent, clawless red haired female. Licking off her hands, she opened her mouth, feeding on the remains of the human body. Wiping off her face, she grinned. She had done the impossible. She had mastered trickery. Normality – She could finally fit in – And destroy.